Thinking of selling you home in 2023?

Are you considering selling your home the coming new year? Here are a few handy tips to consider when getting you home ready.

First things first

Once you’ve made up your mind to sell and move on, start looking at your house with a critical eye – and put yourself in the position of prospective buyers seeing it for the first time.

Research by Rightmove found that dirty kitchens and bathrooms were the worst turn-offs to viewers.

What else is a turn-off?

Other things that may rub buyers up the wrong way include:
Messy, unkempt gardens
Loads of clutter
Coloured bathroom suites (yes, really – some experts think they can knock thousands off a house)
Evidence of lots of pets (especially those that may return, such as cats)
Bad odours

Spend but don’t overspend

Fix what is obviously damaged in your house, but don’t go gutting and refitting if it’s not completely key for your property. Focus on first impressions – for example, paint the front door, tidy the garden and make sure communal areas/entrance areas are in tip-top form.
‘Stage’ your home for when viewings and open houses are arranged – ie stow away clutter, make the beds, style the dining room table, arrange furniture well, and so on.

That personal touch

Also think about removing any interior design that detracts from the general feel of the house. You don’t have to depersonalise totally, but do bear in mind that the feature wall you love may in reality distract viewers.

Sell yourself well

Consider what a buyer is looking for and what they want to see. Describe your assets well and understand what is attractive about your home. Make a list to bring with you to your estate agent – think transport links, schools, what the area is like, whether or not there is parking, levels of noise, etc.

Choosing an estate agent
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